Approved – The K9 Braided Leather Leash!


The other day, my Papa was looking for a new leash for me. After talking to our cousins, Ziggy and Zephyr, they told us to check out the K9 Braided Leather Leash. Ziggy uses it for fancier dog parks and said he’s received more compliments than he can keep track!

Not only is this one of the more stylish leashes we’ve had, it’s also very well made! The braided loop at the end is very handy, and you can’t find more high-quality leather at this price. Just don’t let your dog get a hold of it in it’s mouth 🙂

And it’s STRONG! Jacko likes to run around a lot chasing after squirrels, and because he’s still young his Papa doesn’t let him wander off too far. This leash helped keep me restrained at times when I was just a little too excited!

Therefore, JACKO APPROVED! You can buy it from Amazon here.

What are your favorite leashes? Why?