Will Having Two Dogs Be Overwhelming?

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Will it be overwhelming to have two dogs to look after?

The answer is yes, but will it be worth it? The answer is yes, if you are willing to put in the time needed. I happen to work at home, which is really helpful,and honestly, I do not recommend having two dogs is you are at work for 40 hours a week.

Each dog will need individual training and time every single day. The puppy will need you to pay attention to his house training and discipline, while the older dog will need validation that you still love and value time with him. They will both need lots of cuddles (which is personally my favorite part!)

Will my older dog be a good mentor to the puppy or will the puppy simply learn from my older dog’s bad habits?

It is possible that your older can turn into a great leader for your new puppy. I never thought it could have happened with Ziggy. At one year old, Ziggy is kind of an immature pup, but when Zephyr cam along, Ziggy stepped up to the plate (for the most part). Ziggy is acting calmer, more level-headed, and appears to be taking on the big brother role naturally. Ziggy was always a very submissive. Becoming a big brother has helped him to be more of a pack leader.

This may not always be the case, but ultimately, the habits your older dog bestows on your new puppy will depend largely on what you allow and what you praise. Remember, so much of your dog’s energy depends on your energy.

Here is one of my favorite “go to” manuals for training dogs in a pack style in a loving way:

Two Dogs Vs. One Dog… I know you have questions.

I chose to have two dogs and recently took the plunge and purchased Ziggy’s half brother, Zephyr. Ziggy is only one year old and I had a lot of hesitations about getting another puppy.

Here are some of the questions I had going into it:

  • When I have two dogs, will my older dog be jealous or even like the new puppy?
  • Will it be overwhelming to have two dogs to look after?
  • Will my older dog be a good mentor to the puppy or will the puppy simply learn from my older dog’s bad habits?
  • When I have two dogs, will it be even more difficult to rent?
  • How can I train two dogs at different age levels and maturity levels?
  • And finally, what are the pros versus the cons of having two dogs?

Relationship Development for Two Dogs of Different Ages

There are many positive things you can do to introduce your new puppy to your older dog, but ultimately, you will not know if they will get along until you have already taken the plunge, so here are a few thoughts you should consider prior to purchasing a new puppy:

What is a compatible breed to the dog you currently own?

Consider getting a similar breed or a more docile breed that is likely to get along with other dogs, Here is a list of Dog-Friendly Breeds.

What are some things you can do before bringing your new puppy home?

    • Don’t your older dog to pick up the puppy. It’s better for the two dogs to meet in neutral territory, like on a walk outside than in your car.
    • Pick up and put away any of your current dog’s favorite toys, or anything that might cause a fight or struggle for the first few weeks, while the two dogs are getting used to each other.
    • Make sure the dogs have their own food and water bowls and the dogs eat and drink separately, even if they are comfortable with each other.

Things you can do during the first introductions between the two dogs:

  • Praise with a happy tone of voice and keep the intro light-hearted. Remember that dogs ice up on tense energy from you.
  • Give the dogs a break. They probably will not match each other in energy. Ziggy was more hyper than Zephyr when they first met, so I gave the puppy a break for naps.
  • Watch the body language between the two dogs and if one tenses up, try to interrupt them before anything happens. It is better to try to stop the action before it happens than have to negatively punish the dogs when something does happen.

To read more answers to my questions about having Two Dogs Vs. One Dog, click Here.

Two Dogs

Ziggy(left) and Zephyr(right)

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