New Puppy Shopping List for Zephyr, my new brother puppy!

New Puppy Supplies Time Schedule

Consider how much time you have before getting a puppy.

New Puppy Shopping List: Ziggy Tested & Approved Items

Crate: My favorite crate is a small soft portable dog crate because it is easy to take anywhere, it’s not bulky and difficult like a plastic crate, and it has a nice den-like feel to it.

Playpen: I prefer a white plastic puppy pen with a small door because it is not metal, which is unsightly, makes too much noise, and the door is helpful for when your puppy gets heavier and you get tired of lifting him over the wall.

Food: Ziggy’s favorite food that he has been eating for the past year (and we have tried like a ton of different foods) is Durable treat filled chew ball that seems to stay really clean, never gets sticky, bounces, doesn’t make noise, and keeps Ziggy busy for hours without me having to get involved if I don’t want to.

Training Collar: If you are going to use a training collar, don’t pick one up at the store because they are all metal and can seriously hurt your puppy. Instead, use a plastic easy grip training collar. It’s just as effective and won’t feel like you are biting your dog when you pull on it.

Shock Collar: A simple to use, small remote control shock collar will teach your dog to take a beep warning very seriously and ultimately keep him safe in the face of danger. A shock will mean nothing to you when it’s a matter of making your puppy listen before he runs out in front of a car. Our puppy’s are both trained on the eCollar and I have never had a problem teaching them to mind ANYTHING I say. Seriously, I could not live without this little tool.

And now, a word from Ziggy:

Yay, a new puppy! I am so excited to have a new brother for my birthday. I was lonely and wanted someone to play with. I have decided to create a special shopping list for him full of Ziggy Tested and Approved toys and supplies. Please enjoy the pictures and my new puppy shopping list.

Ziggy’s New Puppy Shopping List:

New Puppy Shopping List

Ziggy (left) and Zephyr (right)

When I was a pup, my teeth were growing in fast and I needed to teethe on something. But since they were growing so fast, I would often chew through my toys really fast too, destroying some of the pricier toys my mom bought me, so when your puppy is brand new, make sure you buy small cheaper toys for him or her to enjoy and possibly tear apart.

Here are a few awesome tips for buying new puppy toys:

Buy toys in Bulk!

It’s cheaper, and since puppy’s have a short attention span, you’ll want to have a lot of toys handy to keep them from chewing your favorite boots, like I did to my mommy’s boots.
My first toys were a little too flimsy, so I recommend a 6-pack of fun squeak toys. That is 12 toys for about $4 each. Not bad considering most toys are at least $6-$10 each in stores. Bulk is a better way to go!

new puppy shopping list

Ziggy (left) and Zephyr (right)

Help with Teething and Oral Hygene at the same time!

Oral Hygene is very important for puppies and dogs, as most diseases are contracted because of bad oral hygiene. It will be harder to keep up with teeth brushing as your dog ages, so start early. My mom likes amazingly soft and semi-enclosed puppy bed, and now I have a super affordable and very comfortable large dog bed. Definitely do your research before eyou buy a bed, because my mommy says they’re a lot of over-priced doggie beds in stores like PetSmart and Petco.

New Puppy Shopping List

Zephyr in the snow from storm Nemo.