Pet Stores and Supplies reviewed locally & online by Brother Puppies!

Pet Stores are so fun, but don’t be fooled! Brother Puppies are on the case! We find the best pet supplies and the cheapest or most fun pet store to purchase the product for your furry babies, whether online or locally.

Hi! I’m Ziggy and my new brother, Zephyr will be arriving to our home tomorrow at 8pm (Feb. 8th, 2013).

From Local Pet Store Baked Goods to Awesome Pet Store Websites with Deals!

local boutique pet stores

Taylor got this rawhide for me from a local pet store boutique. It was baked in the store and is filled with cheese! Keeps me busy for hours and great for puppy teething.

Together, we are going to help you raise your puppy, kitten, birds, fish or any new pets right. Our mom, Taylor, is a wee bit OBSESSED with making sure we have the best lifestyle. She has no human babies of her own, so she treats us as such. We have our room in the house, we eat special doggie treats, and live the good life.

Don’t shop in Big Commercial Pet Stores!

Taylor never shops in big box pet stores, like PetSmart because they are over-priced, over marketed, and they often never have the right stuff. Most of the time, people wonder into those pet stores hoping to find a great product and end up settling for one of the 3 options available: Overpriced, Mid-Priced, and Cheapest, without ever knowing which one will actually work.

Brother Puppies are Pet Store Experts!

Taylor loves to chat with her friends on Facebook and Pinterest about what products actually work for them and their fur babies, then she researches how to find those products for cheaper than in the chain pet stores. Subscribe to our blog because we are going to seek out the best pet supplies, why they are the best, and where to buy them for the right price. If you are wondering whether to buy your toys in pet stores vs. online, Taylor will find out for you, and the brother puppies will be here to test the product out first!

Please get involved and email Taylor about any wonderful products you have come across for your pet and whether you purchased it in one of your local pet stores or send the link to where you found it online. Taylor might even be able to find it for you for cheaper!

Pet Stores Online

I am looking for some doggy vitamins on one of my favorite online pet stores! Don’t worry, if I find the right vitamins, I’ll be sure to write up a review!